Sunday, July 26, 2009

Food Storage with Small Space and Budget

The following quotes are taken from the book Follow Me (Relief society personal study guide 4)

For more than fifty years, the church has told members that they need to be able to sustain themselves with a year's supply of food in times of emergency. " Recent surveys of church memebers have shown a serious erosion in the number of families who have a years supply of lifes necessitites. Most members plan to do it. Too few have begun" (Thomas S. Monson.)

In many circumstances, having a year's supply of these commodities is not possible because of limited budget or space. However, a smaller supply of a few essentials is possible in most situations. It is wiser to have food for only a few days, weeks, or months than to have no storage at all.... Our food storage should be adapted to meet our individual needs.

"The key to successfully storing food is to remember that it shouldn't be a one-time expensive purchase, but it must be many small purchases forming a regular habit, much like daily prayer and scripture study, ect. We supplement our basic storage by setting aside a small amout of money in our house hold budget for regularly purchasing a pre-planned variety of food items"

President Ezra Taft Benson said: " You do not need to go into obtain a year's supply. Plan to build up your food supply just as you would a savings account. Save a little for storage each pay-check"

Food can be stored in limited space. Some member use space under beds and stairways and in closets and corners. Stacked containers can be covered with cloths to make nightstands and accent tables. Containers can be stored underneath window draperies, behind sofas, and even in space made available by other family members and friends.

Store canned goods in the coolest, darkest, and driest place possible.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cereal Sale

There's a sale on Kellog's cereal this week at Target. Miniwheats, Cocoa Rice Krispies, Special K, etc. are $1.88. If you buy ten or a combination of 10 Kellog's products you can get a $10 rebate by mail. So that makes it a pretty sweet deal. I don't have the link to download the rebate form right now, but you can look it up. It's something like Kellog's fuel for school rebate.

Thanks for sharing Bobbi. 10 is a lot, but if anyone wants to combine forces and share the rebate just post a comment

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food Storage tip of the week

You food storage should be built up with food that your family likes and cooks with. If you don't have a wheat grinder, and aren't planning on getting wheat, don't store it. Store flour instead. If you don't like lentils, store a different bean instead. You should be rotating 0ut your food storage because you are eating it. Replenish as you go. There are a lot of good sites that have how much of different things to store. Each has a specified amount for Grains, sugars, beans, etc. You can take that and make it to fit your family. Use the suggestions and than modify it. Here are a few different site. Find one that works for you. Also if there are others out there that you like please leave a comment.

Next weeks tip, ways to organize your food storage. If you have any thoughts or something that has worked for you, please send me an email so I can post it in next weeks tips.