Monday, October 12, 2009

October Food storage Challenge

The challenge for October is to buy (3 months worth if possible) sugar or flour. My family uses a variety, white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar. I know lots of people who buy two kids of flours as well. Whatever your family uses buy. Don't store something that you don't use. Good luck. Post a comment if you find any good deals.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ward Food Storage Fair

November 21, 9am-12pm

We are going to hold a food storage fair that will have different booths. It will be kind of like a job fair. You can come when you like and leave when you like. You can go to what ever booths interest you. Some booths will be a continuous video that will teach you something. Others will be demenstrations on how to prepare your use something. Please let mandi Allen or Whitney Wertz know if you are willing to help run a booth. Even if you don't know anything before we will educate you so that you know and can teach and assist others. You can also just leave a comment with this post if you are interested in helping out. It will be a ward event so you could have a husband wife team or do a booth with another sister. For this to be a success we really need volunteers to help us out.

Food Storage Challenge

Sister I just was wanting some feedback about the monthly food storage challenge. If you are would like me to continue doing it, or change it up or try something completly new. Please leave your comments.