Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Food Storage Monthly

At one time or another, nearly every family will face accidents, illness, unemployment, or other emergencies that will require them to depend on the resources they have stored.
“Are You Prepared?,” Ensign, Aug 2007

Something about the start of a new year, brings upon the rushing desire for change and a better year. I hope that one change or desire that this year might bring is a new desire to build upon your food storage.

With my recent findings of Wendy DeWitts system of food storage the food storage challenges will change a bit too. Hopefully you will find it as beneficial as I. With these food storage challenges I incourage you to use all of your resourecs. You can purchase items from the cannery, the grocery stores, or other sites that sisters have shared. You might be suprised at the prices you find if you shop outside your normal shopping center.

So for this month if you have not already done so decide upon a breakfast and/or dinner menu.
Then you can choose challenge A or B

Challenge A

Choose one common ingriedient from your list of dinners, or breafast and use your budget to buy a one years supply. (or as much as your funds will allow). Don't forget to label them with your purchase date.

Challenge B

Pick one of your dinners, or breafast and buy one years worth of all the ingriedients needed for that meal.
(or as much as your funds will allow). Don't forget to label them with your purchase date.

Good luck. I am going to start asking sisters to share their expieriences with the monthly challenges each month, to help motivate and inspire us all.

December Food Storage

I finally feel like Chris and I are going to gets somewhere with our food storage. It is a nice feeling and I don't feel so burdened like I used to. It used to be an undefeatable task. But now that we know exactly what we will be making, and how much we need of things it seems so much easier. Now I just have an excess of cornmeal, mashed potatoes and some other things in my pantry that won't become a part of our food storage. Anyone in need of some cornmeal?

So Chris and I sat down and planned out two weeks worth of dinners that we thought would be best in our food storage. Then we found out how many pints of beans we would need for each dinner for the year. We used a good chunk of our Christmas budget and were able to get a whole years worth of beans canned. We were planning on doing 6 months worth of chicken as well, but weren't able to get all of the jars we needed to do so. So soon we will have 6 months worth of chicken as well.

I'm pretty confident that by the end of the year we will have a years supply of food, that will last longer than a year and be easier to rotate out and save to replace.