Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Food Storage Challenge

Sorry for the delay, I have been out of town without the internet. I would love to here how people did on their August food storage challenge. My family did Macaroni, and with a little patience and prayer I was able to get them .25 cents a box. I was very pleased. Alright so on to this month. The challenge for you this month is to get a three months ( or as much as your budgeted amount allows) of a canned good. You may choose canned fruits, soups, tomato sauce (maybe it goes with your last months) soups whatever you might need and use in a can. If you do not purchase items from the store in a can, pick something from the cannery that you use. Here are the instructions in case you forgot.

-First decide how much you can spend out of your budget.
-Second I will help direct you with. This month you will work to increase a canned good. If your budget is a little larger and you think you can get 3 months worth of more than one thing go for it.
-Third Pray for help. Ask Heavenly Father to help you be able to increase your storage, maybe where to shop, or the right timing, or ask for a sale on a specific item. Ask him to have someone let you know of a sale, or help you find some coupons.
-Fourth Before the end of the month make your purchase.

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