Monday, November 30, 2009

A good place to shop

We learned about this store when we were in the Honeyville store in Brigham City. It's a huge store with probably anything you'd want to store including containers of all types. The pricelist is in Adobe Reader and is 14 pages long. I hope Honeyville succeeds here as they're our only option for most of these items. I have had to pick up things in SLC or Brigham City in the past, so we're grateful for this store. Feel free to share the Price list with others in your ward - especially your food storage specialists
Or canning specialists if they aren't aware of this store.
They have all kinds of grains, flours, baking supplies (including cupcake cups 500 for $4.19 - much cheaper than supermarkets. You might want to browse through the pricelist. They have lots of things in bulk and also In cans. They also have a gluten free section on bottom of p 11 and top of p 12. I don't know how those prices compare to other gluten free products since I > don't buy those.


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